Monday, October 02, 2006


For obvious reasons some Republican members of congress, and some of the talking heads are trying to spin the Rep. Foley (R-Fl.) in directions other than it's pedophilia core.

One very lame excuse was tossed out by Newt Gingrich claiming that the reason this was not exposed was the house leadership feared being accused of 'gay bashing'.

Sorry Newt, the issue is not homosexuality, it is pedophilia. While there can be homosexual Pedophiles, there are also what appear to be a countless supply of heterosexual Pedophiles.

Between the weekly pedophilia stings that Dateline stages, and the monthly reports of another female teacher sleeping with a middleschool boy, the fact the this is not a homosexual issue should be clear to everyone.

Nice try Newt, but your attempt at spin was very weak, and a bit silly.



hfiend said...

so if they can't protect a 15 year old, how can they protect the US?

John said...

They are only concerned with protecting their own positions, and their majority in congress. The rest of us can go straight to hell for all the current collection of Republicans care.

notverybright said...

Power corrupts. That's all I can come up with.

Lynne said...

I hope people continue to point out the difference between pedophiles and homosexuals, especially since most pedophiles are heterosexual.

Anonymous said...

Tony Snow noting that these were just 'naughty e-mails' was a nice touch. Way to grasp the situation and put it in perspective Tony! I would hate for the whole minor possibly being sexually persuaded by a person in the U.S. Congress who is about 4 decade older than him to cloud this issue...does Snow have kids??? I sure hope he is at least slightly more protective over them.