Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Attacking Symbols

Will fan the flames of hate much more than blowing up people.

And in Iraq, that is today's target.

An insurgent attack on one of Iraq's holiest Shi'ite Muslim shrines on Wednesday is almost certain to deepen divisions in a country ravaged by sectarian bloodshed and could nudge it closer to civil war, analysts said.

The Golden Mosque in Samarra is one of four major shrines in Iraq which are deeply revered by Shi'ite Muslims worldwide.

There have been attacks at other mosques across Iraq today, this is obviously a new tactic being rolled out to send a message.

Only, who is sending it, and why.

The obvious guilty party would be the Sunni forces, but since this can only inflame the Shi'ite population, you have to question it's wisdom if they did it.

In any event, it is just more fuel for the civil war.


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