Monday, February 13, 2006

Over 4 Years Ago We Captured Afghanistan

For the most part we have ignored it since we decided to attack Iraq, but Afghanistan has been liberated for over 4 years now.

Today, four more US troops have been killed. The promises to rebuild and help develop this nation were just lip service. Aid had been promised and not delivered, and the resistance there is now copying tactics being used in Iraq. Once the US and NATO forces depart, you can bet that the war lords, drug king pins, and religious wack jobs will again find a way to control this nation.

The tragedy is, this nation could have been the democratic example that we wanted to hold up the rest of the middle east. The population was beyond war weary, and if they had seen real progress at making their life's better, a new hope may have been found.

But, we had other nations to bomb, and could not be bothered to properly defeat the old government and it's supporters, or properly support the new government.


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eric said...

no doubt. so many of us were behind the afghanistan war. if we had just stayed there and only there, we would have accomplished more and rallied the world to our cause.