Friday, February 10, 2006

A Few Post Of Interest For Your Friday

The Slacktivist takes a look at the abominable shellfish or Why some Christians hate gays but love bacon.

What is involved in the Guantanamo Bay forced feeding? The reality and images are sharp and clear for the Rude Pundit (warning, it's rude, adult language)

I am a Christian too has a very important list of health care 'fun facts' .

The nutritional value of a Bush speech is available at The Green Knight.

Bush's budget is Immoral, Un-Biblical and Anti-American, the details are at Sacraments Wholesale.



e said...

Hey ya'll! Just found your blog via WP. I am a displaced South Carolinian being forced to live in upstate NY near Canada! Who said South Carolinians are conservative rightwing pigs? I will add your blog and check back frequently to see what you have to offer.

Ted said...

Nice blog. Come visit mine, I'm in Columbia too

John said...

Thanks to both of you for visiting and the kind words.

I will hop over and visit ASAP