Friday, February 24, 2006

The Corruption Is Actually Stunning

I just looked at the Guardian AP feed and saw this.

Ex-Aides to Ohio Gov. Plead No Contest.

These men got unreported 'loans' from Coin kingpin, Bush pioneer and Champaign leader Tom Noe.

The we see Contractor to Plead Guilty in Bribe Scheme.

This is one of the defense contractors that got millions of government dollard by bribing Rep. Duke Cunningham (R-Ca.) to have him secure them defense contracts.

Then I open an e-mail referring me to this little gem, the Republican National Committee has spent $2,800,000.00 defending Jim Tobin in his vote tampering case.

A trifectia of corruption, all involving Republicans.



JFH said...

Uh... um... I got nothing... Nolo Contendre in all cases. The Ohio thing IS however a state issue and might have had national implications (DeWine getting defeated) if the Dems didn't shoot themselves in the foot by backing a DC insider, Brown, over Hackett)

(BTW, all these issues are pretty old, that all involved plead guilty was pretty much a forgone conclusion in the first two cases)

John said...

Ahhh but they are not old. In fact in both the Ohio and the Cunningham case the investigations are on going.

Cunningham went State's evidence and actually wore a wire for the feds, and Wade is also helping (as I understand). In the case there are at least 3 co-conspiritors still outstanding. I have heard that Wade has implicated one DOD official for accepting gifts and job offers for family members, and that at least 2 more congressmen (or woman in one case) are still being looked at.

There are also still a number of state and fed investigations in the various aspects of the Ohio cases. These are still very fresh investigations.

It was odd, reading three news stories in a row, and each one was about political corruption in the Republican party, and the very sad part is these three cases represent only a portion of the cases and investigations that are ongoing.

JFH said...

BTW, I do find it humorous that Tubin is being tried for the high tech equivalent of what Democratic activists (and sons of prominent Democratic leaders) did in Milwaukee who got only a slap on the wrist because of either jury nullification or an unenthusiastic prosecutor.

What's worse, jamming phone lines that are urging Dems to vote on the day of the election or preventing vehicles from being able to drive voters to the polls by slashing their tires. Both are sleezy, but if it turns out Tobin is innocent, the RNC SHOULD be supporting him (.

John said...

Tobin has beem found guilty (two co conspirters turned over on him), the current cost are for an appeal.

It interesting that the RNC is paying the legal fees for a person who has now been found guilty of breaking election law, but claims that they would never support such activity.

JFH said...

Crap, missed that part of the story... fry him and the people that continue to "support" him (Their probably just as guilty as him)