Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mike Fair's Science Standards

Don't appear to please many real educators and scientist.

Seven of eight educators surveyed by The State newspaper found little value in the Greenville Republican's proposal.


looks to me like a rather feeble attempt either at muddying the water, or perhaps at satisfying religious parents.


It appears to me that (Fair's proposal) is set up as an entry for 'intelligent design' and that has no place in a science course, except to debunk it as actual science.


completely unacceptable. Moreover, it is an example of ignorance informed by shibboleths from the 'intelligent design' movement and some of its predecessors, such as 'creation science'.


The set of standards are obviously designed to allow creationism to get a nose under the tent of science classes.

Just more evidence that it is his religious demands, and not a desire to actually teach that is driving Mr. Fair's proposals, but anyone who lives in South Carolina should know that about Mike Fair by now.


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Patrick said...

Hell Mike tried to shut down the Co-ed Dorms at USC. He is just an american taliban