Monday, February 27, 2006

Just How Destabilizing

Would a bankrupt Palestinian Authority be?

International envoy James Wolfensohn has warned Middle East mediators that the Palestinian Authority is in danger of financial collapse within two weeks


Without the money from Israel, the Palestinian Authority will not be able to pay wages, which could have a destablizing effect on the region

Israel has cut off funds, The US has cut off funds (and Sec, Rice has been busy encouraging others to do the same). All in the name of Middle East stability.

Just think about how peaceful and stable a population will be after it's wages, goods and services are cut off because of international actions. Just think about how this will make them love the US and Israel. This will assure a blooming of love and mutual respect between estranged populations through out the middle east.

See, isn't democracy wonderful.



JFH said...

Oh geez, John, could Palestinians, hate the US or Israel even more?... Goods and Services? First of all: the US and Israel are cutting off AID not commerce. Second of all: WHAT goods and services? (Unless of course, terrorism is considered a "service export").

Elections have consequences. It's why a single election doesn't make a democracy, subsequent elections make it possible for the population to adjust their decisions and make better choices... This is a classic example of gaming theory in practice.

John said...

Did you note note that Israel is holding over $50,000,000.00 that belongs to the PA, taht should pay for the operations of the government.

Little things like police, fire, social aid, water, medical care.

So when the police and fire departments don't get paid, when the hospitials don't function, when water treatment is cut back, are not goods and services ineffect cut off?

Kinda hard to win the hearts and minds argument, when your actions have a direct adverse impact on the population.

e said...

Hey John! Greetings from upstate NY again. You are correct about the problems of Israel withholding the $$ from Palestine that rightfully belongs to them. Very bad move in both the short run and long run!