Thursday, February 02, 2006

Now How Typical Is This

Representative Bill Young (R-Fla.) is deeply trouble by his wife being evicted from the State of the Union address. She was wearing a T-Shirt that express support for the Troops in Iraq. Cindy Sheehan was also ejected for wearing a T-Shirt that expressed support for the troops in Iraq. One supported the war, and one opposed it, and the capital police removed them both (but only arrested Sheehan).

Well, Rep. Young principaled stand on this suppression of free expression is very telling.

Young said he wouldn't be so mad if it were just Sheehan. "I totally disagree with everything she stands for," he said. But by removing his wife, Gainer's officers clearly "acted precipitously," Young said.

These people are just disgusting.


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Patrick said...

His position is not new It is simple he wants more rights that those he disagrees with

Very typical