Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It Is Not This Big A Deal

The VP broke a couple of minor hunting laws while participating in a canned hunt, accidentally shot a hunting partner, was very slow in letting the world know what happened, and appeared to try to blame the person he shot.

Since no one died, it is far more comic than tragic, and really isn't much of a story, but:

It seems like it is the lead on about every news web page, 72 hours after it happened. Even on the Washington Post pages, of the top five stories, four reference the Cheney incident. One looks at how this played with the late night talk show, CNN also did this story; An editorial, how can it take that long for the news to come out; A look at the White House actions and another editorial that sees this as an analogy about the way this administration operates overall.

In the end, it is just a stupid hunting accident. They happen all the freaking time, and if it shows anything, it shows that it can happen to anyone.

If this much attention had been given to the flaws in the Patriot act, or the truth in the Downing Street memos, or the lies that led to war, I would be thrilled. Instead four of the top five stories are about one rich hunter shooting another rich hunter instead of the farm grown quail he was aiming at. It just shows you what the people really care about.


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