Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Everyone Else Is Talking About It

So I guess I should.

It seems that many people are questioning the wisdom of allowing a firm based in the UAE to operate ports in NY, New Orleans and Baltimore. The British multinational that was running these ports has been purchased by a multinational firm headquartered in the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates was one of only three nations that recognized the Taliban government in Afghanistan. It is reported that they have been less than corporative in the efforts to tie up terrorist groups monies. The were where some of the 9-11 funds were transferred to the terrorist, and have participated in the illegal trade of nuclear technologies.

Many, even members of Bush's own party, think this deal must be stopped.

I think they may be right, but do wonder if the 'owner' of the company operating the ports really matter that much.

What I have found more interesting is the way the administration was blindsided by this. It again shows one bias that he has. This is a big rich firm, friends of mine have dealing with them, it is owned by very rich people, so there isn't any issue.

This is further evidenced by the lack of awareness of the sensitivity of this issue. According to the White House this was unanimously approved, after a rigorous review, by the Committee on foreign Investments. Since the port operator will also be involved in the shipping of supplies for the Armed forces, they were also deeply involved in this final approval. If this is the case, why did both Donald Rumsfeld and Peter Pace claim to have no advance notice and no information about the sale.

Could another bout of cronieism be exposing yet another White House lie.


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