Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bush Appointees Show True Purpose

The Political Manipulation of the justice department is being made public, and it is disgusting.

To ensure that preclearance decisions are based on what the Voting Rights Act requires, DOJ has always relied heavily on the experience and expertise of its career staff. Since the enactment of Section 5, the career staff has been responsible for conducting the factual and legal analyses of all submitted election changes.


we now know that it was the unanimous conclusion of the career staff that the redistricting plan discriminated against minority voters, and it was their unanimous recommendation that the Justice Department use its authority under Section 5 to block the state from implementing the plan.


the plan failed to pass muster under each and every factor the Supreme Court has established for gauging whether or not a redistricting plan will reduce minority electoral opportunity. This was not a close case, the career staff informed the AAG. Nonetheless, the plan was precleared.


based on what we know today, the evidence points to a single conclusion: the Justice Department did not serve the interests of minority citizens in this case, but, instead, served the political interests of the Republican Party

And now we learn The Justice Department has barred staff attorneys from offering recommendations in major Voting Rights Act cases.

The policy was implemented in the Georgia case, said a Justice employee who, like others interviewed, spoke on condition of anonymity because of fears of retaliation. A staff memo urged rejecting the state's plan to require photo identification at the polls because it would harm black voters.

But under the new policy, the recommendation was stripped out of that document and was not forwarded to higher officials in the Civil Rights Division, several sources familiar with the incident said.

Now, the very people who are hired to keep politics out of the process, the people retained for their experience, knowledge and dedication are muted in the name of political gain for the Republicans.


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Anonymous said...

There are still a few conservative Republicans that line up with the old traditional Republican values, and don't accept Bush's corrupt idea of running our government. These honest republicans are considered outside Bush's circle and they are victimized along with the Democrats. They are falling fast because they are not endorsed by the Bushes and receive little help with campaign finances.