Monday, December 12, 2005

Soar Throat, Ear Ache

and Christmas.

The 16 year old can't talk, she went to the Doctor yesterday and is trying to survive exams today. The 3 year old has decided he has an ear ache, and is going to the doctor's office this afternoon.

In addition, I have work, a plumber coming into the house to fix the shower, furniture being delivered, and have to sell Christmas trees this evening.

as a result, I don't expect to get much posting done.



kc said...

At least you have an excuse . . . Hope the kids feel better now.

John said...

Well, we survived.

The 16 yearold came home early but made her exams.

The 3 year old was just haveing sympathy pains, and now has his 4 year old shots scheduled for Jan.

The Shower now drains.

The new bookscase is in place.

and 10 trees were sold (raising about $200.00 for Camp Kemo and Camp Burnt Gin).