Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Early Election Results, More Bad News

As expected it appears that the Shi'ite Islamists may have won a majority in the new Iraqi parliament.

BAGHDAD, Dec 19 (Reuters) - Iraq's ruling Shi'ite Islamists, at odds with Washington over human rights and ties to Iran, may hold on to a slim parliamentary majority despite a big turnout by minority Sunnis, partial election results showed on Monday.

At any rate it will be by far the biggest party.

Leaders of the United Iraqi Alliance, whose performance in government has been criticised by U.S. officials and by Sunni Arab rebels who accuse them of backing sectarian militias, said they would start informal talks on Tuesday with Sunnis, Kurds and other groups to try to form a national unity coalition.

These are the people who have reestablished torture centers, and want close relations with Iran; now they are in charge.


The Sunnis are not happy with the early results, and are demanding new elections.



hfiend said...

I think this is directly related to the story below this one.

The US is attempting to empower secular voices in Iraq by 'throwing a bone' to the insurgents (those worth talking to) by releasing some political prisoners. I think they hope to form a secular bloc to counter the Shiite religious movement and its inevitable alliance with Iran. It is dangerous and perhaps too late, but anything to keep Iraq out of Iran's orbit is good policy. The down side is that if this is the case, and when the Shiite's become aware, we'll be fighting them once again. Only this time at full force, not just the Sadrists. (I talk about this a little in my morning post here.)

The horizon looks grim.

griffondoor said...

>These are the people who have reestablished torture centers, and want close relations with Iraq; now they are in charge.
Shouldn't this read Iran not Iraq?

John said...

Yes is shoudl and is nwo corected, thanks