Friday, December 02, 2005

The More You Learn About Alito

the less there is to like.

A number of new papers written by, or supported by Alito have become public. The vast majority of these make it clear that he is clearly outside the mainstream on many legal questions, and make it clear that Roe, and other rullings, are cearly at risk.

In addition, the information provided by these papers appear to conflict with statements he has been making to Senators durring his hill visits.

WASHINGTON -- Key Democratic senators yesterday questioned the credibility of the Supreme Court nominee, Samuel A. Alito Jr., saying that he has not been forthcoming about his involvement in a key abortion case, and that he has been less than candid on other matters.

In a 1985 memo, Alito outlined ways to use a Pennsylvania case to whittle away at the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion. But Alito did not mention the case in his answers to the Judiciary Committee's bipartisan questionnaire, which was made public the same day the National Archives released the memo.

The disclosure heightened suspicions about whether Alito and his White House backers are keeping information from the Senate.

Raises questions? More like makes it clear that they are tyring to lie this man onto the top court in the land.

The real question is will the Democrats allow them to get away with the lie. The american public have indicated that do not want Alito approved if he will overturn Roe, and his writings make it clear that Alito is an activist in the effort to overturn Roe.

This alone should give the Democrats the spine to stand up, but add to that his Membership in Concerned Alumni of Princeton and it is clear where he stands, and where he stands is not a place that members of the Supreme Court should ever go.



Patrick said...

Alito is scum, CAP proves it, it is that simple. He should never serve on the high court.

A Christian Prophet said...

There is no reason to believe Alito would overturn well-established abortion rulings. The real question, according to the Holy Spirit's messages on The Christian Prophet blog, is wheter or not there are consequences from avoiding responsibility.

John said...

An Anti Choice activist isn't very likley to do anything but vote to overturn Roe, and maybe Grinswald(?)