Monday, December 12, 2005

Riots, Again

Last month is was Paris, now Sydney.

SYDNEY erupted in a second night of racial violence last night as Middle Eastern mobs fired shots into the air, attacked women and smashed shops around Cronulla, while up to 600 young men - armed with guns and crowbars - prepared for a battle.

In a terrifying escalation of the conflict, up to 70 cars from Hurstville and possibly Lakemba invaded Cronulla and Brighton-le-Sands to launch revenge attacks, following the vicious attacks by Cronulla locals on people of Middle Eastern appearance on Sunday.

The first night appeared to be fueled by neo-nazi types, but the second clearly belonged to the middle eastern side, who refused to be bullied, and appears to not trust the government to provide protection and justice.

The 12th harmonic has some execelent coverage



Lynne said...

In an era where the divide between rich and poor continues to devolve into a yawning chasm, where governments are increasingly fronts for corporate interests, and where average people communicate rapidly across the globe, I expect to see more of this kind of violence in the future.

John said...

Very good point. As an underclass grows, and hopelessness grows, violence becomes they only viable path