Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bush, The Security President.

That is the image that he has tried to create about him. Bush is the man for safety, security, protection. While I never thought Bush had any skill in this area, ( he was the man who responded to a direct warning about Bin Laden by go staying on vacation) the American public have always seemed very willing to accept this view of his presidency.

You would hope that the 9-11 Panels latest statements will wake up the American public.

WASHINGTON A final report from the former 9/11 Commission on Monday gave Congress and the White House a blistering review of their work to secure the nation, warning that terrorists will strike again and could cause catastrophic destruction with nuclear weapons.

Now for those on the right, who's knee jerk reaction is to defend the Administration, The group making this statement were appointed by the president. They were funded by the Republican controlled congress. DC is owned by the Republicans, who corntol every sector of our government. The blame for these failings are the sole property of the Republican party.

In an emotional meeting after nearly three years of investigating and promoting recommendations for heightened security, members of the now-disbanded commission released a final "report card" filled with D's and F's.

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Patrick said...

Bush skills at security are about the same as Brown's at Disaster repsonse The fact that americans though he could protect them just proves how dumb some are