Monday, December 05, 2005

Typical Business Behavior

Trying to get a new product approved? Notice a minor issue that could delay the roll-out?

Well Mentor shows us how big business fixes this little glitch.

NEW YORK ( - The maker of a silicon breast implant awaiting final approval from the Food and Drug Administration allegedly sought to limit leaks of silicon oil from sample implants sent to doctors' offices, but no adjustments were made to devices that would actually be implanted in women, according to a published report.

The allegation, printed in the Washington Post Monday, comes from a former senior engineer with the company, who has made his concerns known to the FDA, to a women's health group critical of the breast implants, as well as to the paper.

How sadly typical. Don't fix the problem, jut appear to fix the problem. Now that this has been noticed, there is little doubt that Mentor will claim that there was never any problem. If that is the case, then why the efforts to 'fix' the samples.

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