Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Republican Adversion To The Truth

and it's continued war on science is again making the news.

It appears that the EPA slanted it's work to favor a Bush administration proposal over 2 presented by members of Congress.

WASHINGTON -- Researchers who work for the U.S. Congress say the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) skewed its analysis of air pollution legislation to favour President George W. Bush's plan.

EPA's analysis "works in favour of" Bush's plan by overstating some costs of competing bills, said a report yesterday by the Congressional Research Service. The 2002 Bush plan remains stalled in Congress.

The EPA says it isn't so, but after the latest news about the Bush Justice Department, the ongoing war on science, the various Armstrong Williams events and the current actions by the Pentagon, admitting they have paid to file covert pro US stories in the Iraqi news, those claims ring very hollow.

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