Sunday, December 04, 2005

Gov. Blanco Releases Katrine Records

and while the don't shine the light of greatness on either the Federal of State governments, they do appear to defend the position of Gov. Blanco, and further condemn the Bush White House.

Among more than 100,000 pages of records released late Friday, which ranged from after-action reports to notes written at the height of the storm, are memos showing that Blanco was frustrated and angered over delays in evacuations and the slow delivery of promised federal aid.

''We need everything you've got," Blanco is quoted in a memo as telling President Bush on Aug. 29, the day Katrina made landfall. But despite assurances from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that 500 buses were ''standing by," Blanco's aides were compelled to take action when the FEMA buses failed to materialize,

With over 100,000 pages of documents to review, it will be a while before they are fully reviewed, but it does appear the biggest failings came from DC, not Baton Rouge.

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spike59101 said...

When Grover Norquist and his ilk (i.e. pube party) talk about "drowning" the federal gov't in a bathtub, one needs to drown him in Lake Ponchetrain along with the rest of the pube party. This is yet one more example of how the pube party's "culture of life" is yet one more bullshit statement on their part. Their "culture of life" is rather a culture of control and they could give a shit less about life. Of course we see that example daily in Iraq: a country of innocents we illegally invaded. The idiot boy (w.) administration and everyone of his supporters need to be, if not lynched by our own countrymen, then brought before a War Crimes Tribunal.