Tuesday, December 13, 2005

High Court To Review DeLay's Redistricting

It was expected, but it is now official, the Supreme Court will hear congressional redistricting case from Texas.

This was Tom DeLay's baby. He broke campaign finance law to fund local republicans so they could take over the Texas Statehouse. His office then redrew the states districts, and forced his plan through the Texas Hosue and Senate.

In doing this, he abused his power, by trying to get the FAA and other federal officials involved in the political battle in Texas. But, he was not alone. The Bush administration was very helpful. The Department of Justice political appointees ignored and over ruled staff opinions about the legality of this (and other republican led plans), and the redistricting went on.

In 2004, republican gained 5 seats in the house, the exact number of seats the Texas plan changed from Democratic to Republican. DeLay was cited for ethics violations, and has since been indicted for crimes related to this effort. Records have become public exposing the actions within the DOJ. Actions that Gonzales is still busy defending, trying to justify his choice to over rule the unanimous decision of the non political staff.

One additional point needs to be made. This is about more than the Texas case. The actions of the Bush camp is also having the effect of destroying the effectiveness of the voting rights act, and that clearly was another of the goals of the Bush administration.


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