Friday, December 02, 2005

More Sorrow From Iraq

10 US Marines killed

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Ten U.S. Marines conducting a foot patrol outside the Iraqi city of Falluja were killed in the explosion of an insurgent bomb on Thursday, the U.S. military announced on Friday.

In a statement released in Falluja, the military said another 11 Marines were wounded in the blast caused by an "improvised explosive device" fashioned from several large artillery shells. Seven of those wounded have been able to return to duty, the military said.

This was in Falluja? In recently attacked, destroyed and pacified falluja. We should never have started this war, and many more will die before Bush will learn that victory, as he appears to define it, can never be achieved.

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Anonymous said...

We do not control one inch of groun in Iraq. As soon as we sweep an area the bad guys come right back in.

Today we are busy sweeping south Baghdad, and the river bank areas in west Iraq, again and it will not matter at all.

as soon as we depart, they take back over.