Saturday, December 10, 2005

Let The Blackmail Begin

Poland has been less than consistant in what direction their continued participation in the occupation of Iraq would be. They are now hinting that all it will take is lots and lots of money.

WARSAW, Poland - Poland's new defense minister on Friday suggested that additional U.S. aid would be a crucial factor in determining whether to continue playing an active role in the war on terror.

A day before heading to Washington, Defense Minister Radek Sikorski said meetings with top U.S. military officials would help Poland reach a decision within the next few weeks whether to keep its 1,500 soldiers in central Iraq or stick to the last government's plan to bring them home next month.

And since this invasion has already cost hundreds of billions more than once promised by Bush and his cast of clowns, why not just toss a few more billion at Poland.

UPDATE - 10 December

The demand for aid has become much more direct.

Poland has asked for additional U.S. military assistance to modernize its own forces as it considers whether to extend the presence of Polish troops in Iraq next year, according to Polish and U.S. officials.

Although Warsaw has stopped short of conditioning its Iraq decision on the request for aid, it has made it clear that the two are linked, saying the $600 million it has spent on the Iraq operation has siphoned funds from plans to upgrade its own military.


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