Thursday, December 01, 2005

Today Is World AIDS Day

And while some of the actions taken today are important, I am not sure we are not over focused on AIDS.

I feel that much of the current support for the cause is backlash due to near criminal neglect of the issue we saw from the Reagan administration when the syndrome was first defined. AIDS is important, but so is TB, and Mumps, and Cancer and so many other illnesses.

I have always felt that the efforts by Aids, and Cancer, and all the rest to secure the top spot on the illness chart are flawed. They are all deserving of our focus, money and efforts. Each time one tries to stand above the other I find myself conflicted; I want to help, but I have to wonder why AIDS and not global immunization, why heart issues and not cancer.

Still, today is the day to consider how you can help fight to end AIDS. If you can, help.


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