Thursday, December 01, 2005

On The Day After The Presidents Chat

and reassurances that we are still on the right path, insurgents took control of Downtown Ramadi.

That about sums up the whole situation. The day after the President comes out to claim his plan is working, that we are on the path to victory (a victory that he still has not defined), that we need to stay the course; A city that we have already had to clean out a couple of times is again overrun by insurgents.

Bush's path to war was based on lies, his plan for war was flawed, and his plan to end this mess is nonexistent.

So we 'stay the course', not so much because it is right, but because he lacks the ability to see any other option.


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H. Cason said...

As Vietnam vet, I saw first hand the Military-Industrial complex at
work. The Vietnam war was beneficial to all. (except for the ones who got killed) If you are career military you want a war to help you get promoted. Companies like texas Instruments, Macdonnel-Douglas etc, got filthy rich. We lost 50,000 troops in Vietnam in over 7 years, We lost 50,000 every year in auto accidents!!! So whats the big deal. The war in Iraq will last over 10 years. Unless the American people, throw the Rebublicans out of office.