Friday, March 10, 2006

A Bad Week For The College Board

I suspect that the only reason I noticed this is my Daughter is getting ready to take her first 'official' SAT and ACT tests in a few weeks.

It seem that the folks who bring us the SAT had a little difficulity scoring the tests.

About 4,000 high school students — including 17 S.C. students — who took the SAT in October found out they had received scores that, in some cases, were 100 points lower than what they actually scored.

But what has proven even more difficult for the College Board has been clearly reporting what the true facts are.

The first reports indicated that the scores were only a hundred or so points low, th next series of statements indicted that some could be up to 400 points low. Now, well, maybe some of the scores are incorrectly high.

That fact that it happened isn't big news. Into every buisness some rain may fall . What is interesting is just how poorly the college board has handeled this failure. The repeated clairifications just make them look bad.


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Lynne said...

Ah, I just assumed they had outsourced the scoring to India!