Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Great News For The Democrats

Tom Delay won his primary election.

DeLay, in his first contested primary since taking office more than two decades ago, led all three rivals early Wednesday. With 98 percent of the vote counted, DeLay had 20,132 votes or 62 percent. His closest challenger was environmental attorney Tom Campbell, who had 9,777 or 30 percent.

This assures that this fall, one of the men who personifies the corruption that pervades the Republican party in DC will be running in his district, and because of that he will also be running with Republican officials across the nation.

Even a DeLay victory in his home district (a very likely outcome) may cost the Republicans seats in other districts across the nation.



Ted said...

John Wannna Do Conservative amnesty with us?

John said...

Heck ya, email details

Ted said...

Sorry. The point is to write about forgiving conservatives for voting for Republicans. We wouldn't forgive Bush and friends, but the voters who put them there. We write stories which highlight the betrayl that Bush and friends have done to voters and Americans. Check out my blog roll to see other blogs participating

If you write, we'll post you in a our conservative Amnesty section at the top

Ted said...

sorry for teh delay that is