Friday, March 03, 2006

Global Warming Scientist Getting More Vocal

There is a growing consensus among the scientist who focus on this issue.

The global scientific body on climate change will report soon that only greenhouse gas emissions can explain freak weather patterns.

The latest clearly understandable, easily visible effects of global warming are not sticking in the American conscience. The rapid melt rate of the ice cap in Greenland was noted and forgotten. The pine beetle's explosion into the Canadian forest will generate a days worth of attention, then fade away.

And the situation remains fundamentally unchanged: The scientist are more concerned, the US government is more determined to not act, and the situation keeps getting worse.

Another example of Republican leadership in action.


Another story to look at then forget: Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Melting Rapidly



Lynne said...

Fortunately we've hit peak oil and we will now be forced to find alternative fuels. It's going to be very rough.

John said...

Lynne, I think your are right