Saturday, March 25, 2006

The War We Should Be Fighting Also Continues

And another US soldier has died.

U.S. and Afghan government troops attacked a group of Taliban on Saturday and seven of the insurgents and one American were killed, an Afghan commander said.

Afghanistan has seen a surge in attacks by Taliban and their militant allies in recent months and the Taliban have vowed to launch a spring offensive against U.S.-led foreign forces and the Western-backed government.



leo said...

good title you just tell ONE LIE A DAY OR MANY!

John said...

I suspect that all of us tell a number of lies a day, to both ourselfes or to others, both little white lies, and huge distortions of fact.

I try to keep my public prouncments as factual as I can. Only with truth can we be sure of doing right


Republicans tell woppers every day, and the result of this stream of lie can be seen in the results. Iraq's status, Katrina's failures, corruption to the core all are the results of the Republican habit of lying