Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Flood Of Murdered Bodies

Has hit Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Iraq Mar 14, 2006 (AP) Police found at least 72 bodies killed by gunfire in Baghdad in the past 24 hours a gruesome wave of apparent sectarian reprisal attacks in some of the capital's most dangerous neighborhoods, officials said Tuesday.

A low grade civil war is now occurring, and as it continues, the chance of a peaceful, united Iraq evaporates.


Remember a few months ago when timelines were bad, and would embolden the enemy, well now they are good.

President Bush vowed for the first time yesterday to turn over most of Iraq to newly trained Iraqi troops by the end of this year, setting a specific benchmark as he kicked off a fresh drive to reassure Americans alarmed by the recent burst of sectarian violence.

And again we see a real interesting view of reality displayed by Bush, and his administration.

"As more capable Iraqi police and soldiers come on line, they will assume responsibility for more territory with the goal of having the Iraqis control more territory than the coalition by the end of 2006,"

I guess he missed (or didn't understand) the statement from the pentagon that now no Iraqi units were mission capable without US support (at one time that number was 3).

So today's lesson is.

Artificial timelines set by politicians are bad, unless Bush is the politician setting the time line. Then the only criteria for a decision isn't the situation in Iraq, but the political situation in the US.


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