Thursday, March 23, 2006

Some Real, Good News From Iraq

Three hostages have been released.

U.S. and British troops Thursday freed three Christian peace activists in rural Iraq without firing a shot, ending a four-month hostage drama in which an American among the group was shot to death and dumped on a Baghdad street.

other points of note.

No kidnappers were present when the troops broke into a house in western Baghdad.


the operation to free the captives was based on information from a man captured by U.S. forces only three hours earlier.


Straw also gave few details of the operation, saying only that it followed ``weeks and weeks'' of planning.

The Christian Peacemakers, the group these men were working with, also called for coalition forces to leave Iraq.



Earl Capps said...

Leave Iraq ... do they plan to stick around after the troops leave, or before they leave?

leo said...

you can bet once the troops leave these peace loving loosers will be outa there like a shot!