Friday, March 03, 2006

Gee, We Are Dumb

There was an Interesting poll recently published by the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum. About 20.0% of the population can name all the Simpsons (the 5 in the nuclear family), about 20.0% can name the judges of American Idol.

Only 00.1% can name the five rights that we were granted by the first amendment.

I don't know how long a nation can survive, when the people of that land are ignorant about how it was built.


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unclefrank22801 said...

John, what I think is at work here is the faltering of a nation from the yuppie generation. When parents don't disipline their children, the children rebel and become ignorant. TV, of course, but also the internet are by far the worst of the enemies of the knowlegde movement. If you, as a parent, would choose not to allow these distractions to take hold in your house, you would be surprised just how samrt the children would be. As a kid, I was given the newspaper every day to read. I, now at age 39, do not claim to be a "brainiac" but I do have a tendency to watch or surf to more newsworthy sites and channels. My 3 daughters ofter complain because I could not care who is on Idol or the Simpsons. They have been raised by their "father" by being left alone from the time they got home form school till the time he got home from work, usually around 9pm. Their mother, now my girlfriend, had to tend to her own business, then come home and try and make good all things that a woman must in a home. Quite a job. TV works as a sort of magnet. It cannot however, teach the children the things they need to know...advertisers don't really support public I'm sure you know. The children of today and tomorrow will not know of these rights that you speak of unless WE as parents teach them. The schools are not doing it, the neighborhood bullies are not doing it and it won't be found on American Idol either. Unfortunatly, there are too many people out there that are parents that should not be. Ignorance and children should not go hand in hand.

All that being said, keep up the hard work of a caring parent and don't let the ignorance scare you too deeply !

peace out ! Frank