Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You Have To Love Power Mad Republicans

They don't just think the rules don't apply to them, they know they don't apply them.

Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer has been stopped at least twice for speeding in the past four months, but did not get a ticket. Information obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request shows Bauer was doing 101 miles an hour on Interstate 77 on February 25th in Chester County. Bauer radioed a dispatcher and tried to communicate with a trooper who was chasing him. The speed limit was 70 miles an hour. The trooper pulled along side and asked Bauer's name and left.

Bauer was stopped for going 77 or 78 miles an hour on Interstate 385 in Laurens County the day after Christmas. The speed limit was 65 miles an hour.

He might be a good choice for an appointment in the Bush administration, another collection of Republicans who know that the law doesn't apply to them.



Lynne said...

That kind of crap will continue as long as others enable them. Where is the trooper with the balls to write a well-deserved ticket?

Notverybright said...

Political accountability is definitely in short supply. Sad, really.