Monday, March 13, 2006

Moussaoui Execution In Peril

Judge mulling dismissal of Moussaoui death penalty.

It seems the prosecution may have violated court rules in it's eagerness to fry Moussaoui.


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Dean P said...

The government violating rules in its efforts to punish and win convictions in high-profile cases is common. Here, as with Enron, the public is demanding someone's head on a pike. In the Moussaoui case, he's the only person they've managed to nab for 9/11 (and he was a less-than-2-bit-player). If they don't get this one, then Bush's administration will have failed to find even a single person to punish for 9/11 - they let Osama go, the Saddam-Osama link is disproven.

So of course, in trying to satisfy a bloodthirsty public, and in trying to show that yes, the Bush administration is competent, they're cutting corners.

Of course, there are those pesky fourth, fifth, and sixth amendments in the way, but who cares about them . . .