Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Carol Crooks, Come On Down

You need to take another stab at Middle School.

Carol has written into the Greenville paper to denounce evolution. Her letter is interesting, and clearly shows she has no understanding of science at all.

The theory of evolution does not and cannot explain so much about the universe that we know. For instance, when and how did water evolve? How does it happen that gravity can hold us to the Earth, and at the same time allow us to step up without any trouble? How did it happen that the Earth is spinning at the exact rate that keeps us from feeling that movement?

Nor will the theory of evolution ever be able to explain water, gravity, or anything other than aspects biology, and evolution. That is the way science works, a theory will focus on a single subject, not every subject.

No wonder the Christian exodus people are looking so kindly upon Greenville. It is already pre seeded with people who just do not understand, anything.



Lynne said...

She obviously doesn't know the difference between biology and physics.

NotVeryBright said...

When reading letters like this I never know whether to be amused or completely dismayed.

kc said...

For instance, when and how did water evolve?