Monday, March 27, 2006

Tal Afar, Again

Just last week Bush was pointing to Tal Afar as one of our successes, today the joint US, Iraqi base was the target of a bombing.

Brig. Muhsin Al-Dolaki, vice commander of the 3rd Iraqi Army division at Camp Kasak put the death toll at 17 killed and 30 wounded.

The U.S. military said no American troops were hurt in the suicide bombing about 18 miles east of the ancient city of Tal Afar. The bomber struck shortly after noon at an Iraqi army recruiting center in front of the base.

President Bush singled out Tal Afar in a recent speech as a success story for American and Iraqi forces in the drive to quell the insurgency.


US and Iraqi forces attacked a terrorist cell and killed 16 supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr, and an Iraqi doctor has confesed that he was working for Ansar al-Sunna when he used his medical skills to kill 35 injured police.

This last story is from Kurdish sources, so a little skepticism may be warranted, but it is another sign of the growing tensions between the various groups that exist within Iraq.



romunov said...

Just shows how different and incoherent Iraq is, and that there should be at least three independent countries.

Jenifer D. said...

I have a nice conspiracy theory for you; suppose it isn't Iraqi insurgents doing the bombing? What if these so-called insurgents are U.S. CIA operatives doing this to keep the conflict going with the knowledge and consent of The Administration? To what end you ask? High Oil Prices and Maximum Profit to Big Oil