Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oh My, It's Getting Very Nasty

Over at The Panda's Thumb is a recap of the Intelligent Design battle ongoing in South Carolina.

The anti-evolution crusade in South Carolina, led by the Discovery Institute, continues unabated. There is not much new to report the Educational Oversight Committee (EOC) has voted to reject, yet again, the curriculum standards that don't include the pro-ID "critical analysis" language. But the EOC has no power to change the standards. Only the Board of Education, which meets today, can do that. So it gets kicked back to them, and they'll have to submit another round of standards for EOC approval.

One thing that has come out is the rather typical way that the Pro ID forces are trying to silence the witnesses. Political pressure is being applied to the universities.

one of the individuals who testified in front of the EOC did have her job threatened. That person would be Mary Lang Edwards of Erskine College, who testified against Fair's anti-evolution proposal. After her EOC testimony, and after having written two guest editorials that appeared in The Greenville News and The State, numerous emails and phone calls were made to Dean of Erskine College calling for her termination. Not just to the Dean, but also to the President. And to the Board of Trustees.


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