Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Alito Has The Votes

With 50 Republicans and 1 Democrat on the record as planning to approve Alito, he had the votes to be confirmed.

But, not enough votes to break a filibuster, should the Democrats consider trying to block him in this manner.

Since the current crop of Democrats seldom have the stomach for a bloody fight, Alito will be approved, and civil liberties will soon start to erode under a court that is very out of balance.



Sue said...

I wish the Dems WOULD filibuster!!! If they have enough votes, why not?

The Repubs say they think it's bad for Dems to use a Supreme Court nomination for "partisan" purposes. Just what the HELL do they think THEY have been doing?


John said...

it would be nice to see them try to fight, but it is clear that many either lack a clear sense of right and wrong, or are afraid to rock the boat

Anonymous said...

URGENT: Call your senators NOW at 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588 and tell them "Vote NO on confirmation of Alito or I boycott GOP contributor and antiabortion supporter Dominos Pizza." Then call and tell that to Senator Frist. Then call a local Dominos Pizza and tell the store owner that unless he can get the CEO of Dominos to get the Republican Party to withdraw the nomination of Samuel Alito or get the Senators to reject Alito, you will never do business with Dominos Pizza again. No CEO wants 50 percent of his customer base to disappear.
Spread the word on the net and post this at libraries and supermarket bulletin boards. A demand without a boycott will not work.
Get your "Mean, Abusive people vote Republican" bumper sticker here.
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