Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More Not So Good News From Iraq

It appears the Shiia religious leadership plan on ignoring a promise given to the Sunni leaders to re-open the discussion on the final form of the constitution.

Last fall, as Sunni Arabs protested vehemently against the proposed constitution, the Shiite and Kurd leaders who dominated its drafting promised that a panel would be created which could recommend amendments during the four months following the formation of a new government.


The leader of Iraq's most powerful party indicated today that his group would block substantive changes to the country's new constitution.

I guess when you are given a mandate of 55% of the vote means you can break your word, and screw your enemies.



Lynne said...

It's worked for Bush.

John said...

True, and he had only about 51% of the vote, maybe 21% of the total population beind him.