Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Bit Of A Surprise

It appears that Hamas, a terrorist group according to the US, has won the Palestinian elections, and will be forming the new government.

I expected them to do well, maybe 40% of the seats, but it appears that they either are the largest minority block, or have won outright. It now puts the US in a position of having to deal with a government that is led by a political organization that we have declared to be terrorist.

This is also a very good example of how different the perception of what a terrorist is within various populations. We declare them terrorist, but it is clear that a significant number of Palestinians consider them something much closer to freedom fighters.

But, what's in a name? Just more fun in the ever changing middle east.

Hamas has done very well, winning 76 of the 132 seats. Fatah, share has fallen to 43 seats.


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