Monday, January 23, 2006

US Air Force General Trotted Out

To try to spin the justifications for breaking the law and spying on US citizens.

He addresses many points, claims this is targeted, and limited, and may have prevented the World Trade Center Attacks.

great, fine, wonderful, just get a freaking warrant.

President Bush has also tried to spin this same lie, that we are only listening to Al Qaeda phone calls. If that is the case, go get the freaking FISA warrant. You, as officers in the military, as president of the nation, are not above the law. The FISA warrant is so easy to get, request have only been turned down 5 times, out of the tens of thousands (hundreds?) of requests, that failure to do this is inexcusable. FISA warrants can even be requested 3 days after the wire tapping was done. The whole process was established so that you have to actually try to break the law.

There is no excuse for spying without warrants. There is no reason to break the law, unless you are trying to establish yourself as above the law.

That is sure what it looks like George is trying to do.

and General Hayden, even if you do produce evidence of pending activity on the part of terror groups, why do you think this President will do anything. When he was advised only weeks prior to 9/11 that an attack was the goal of Bin Laden, you do remember what this administration did.


And when, after the attack, investigators wanted to see what the administration saw, you do remember how the they responded.

By trying to hide the truth.

Quit making excuses, and get the freaking warrant. It is a little unsettling to see so many people who are leading our country acting so cavalier about being criminals.



Patrick said...

I swear I am loosing the respect I once had ofr military officers I had no respect for Schrub so no loss there

Lynne said...

This warrantless spying began right after Bush took office yet it did not prevent 9/11.
Next excuse.
Aside from that, this administration is labeling non-Islamic fundamentalists as "terrorists", including environmental activists and peace activists.
Which is really what it is all about: squashing dissent in any form.