Thursday, January 12, 2006

Specter Caught In A Lie

Yesterday there was a bit of a dust up when Sen. Kennedy (D-Ma) was questioning Alito about his membership in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton, a group that opposed minority and female admissions into Princeton.

Sen. Kennedy was asking about some documents, and asked that they be presented to the committee. The Chairman, Sen. Specter (R-Pa,) claimed he had no knowledge of the request, and when pressed on the Issue, basically accused Kennedy of lying about making the request, and failing to follow up properly if he did actually make the disputed request.

The was only one problem with this tack, Kennedy's office kept good records of the communication.

So, Specter was exposed in a lie, and the really exciting news that comes out of the days meetings is; Judge's wife cries. As expected, the distraction, not the news gets noticed.

Of course the standard practice of that party is to lie, just look at Alito's responses to the questions about CAP, and how the Republicans on the committee respond to his evasions.

That is why it s safe to say, Roe is dead, and god only knows what other civil right will die with it.



Dean P said...

It got even better today. Apparently searching those records produced no evidence of Alito's name or involvement.

So does that mean that Alito put it on his resume, when he wasn't a member? I.e. he lied to get the job?

Or is someone else lying now?

John said...

Good question