Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Just How Many Tips Are We Getting

Stolen from No More Mister Nice Blog


And as Iraqis see their own countrymen defending them against the terrorists and Saddamists, they're beginning to step forward with needed intelligence. General Casey reports that the number of tips from Iraqis has grown from 400 in the month of March of 2005 to over 4,700 last month....

--Bush speech, 1/10/06

In the week since national elections, police officers and Iraqi National Guardsmen said they have received more tips from the public, resulting in more arrests and greater effectiveness in their efforts to weaken the violent insurgency rocking the country.

--Washington Post, 2/7/05

U.S. and Iraqi officials insist they are getting more tips from Iraqis about insurgent activity since the Americans transferred sovereignty to an interim government last June.

--AP, 1/21/05

The U.S. military is reaping more high-quality intelligence tips from Iraqi prisoners than ever since it stopped using several coercive interrogation techniques after the Iraqi prisoner-abuse scandal in May, the American general in charge of Iraqi prisons said Monday.

--USA Today, 9/6/04

This leaves the question, if the number keep climbing, just how many tips per second are we now getting.

The list of claims of climbing tip counts now goes back over two and a half years



Patrick said...

I'm back and this is a great post. They make a great point about the constant spin invovled

Diane said...

One of the interesting facts that I did not know that was not very well advertised was that a lot of peopel in gitmo are there because of other people ratting them out for money. They have no recourse.
How do we know it was not an angry father in law or anybody willing to make a quick buck?