Monday, January 09, 2006

DeLay, Changing Seats

His court case is marching on, and he lost another round today. That setback has not slowed him much, his drive for power and money appears to be as strong as ever. His latest actions make that fact very clear. He has been forced out of his leadership slot, but made sure his new position has not left him without power.

He is taking Duke Cunninghams's spot on the appropriations committee. Very fitting in this case, since DeLay has already been a recipient of gifts and cash from one of the same persons who made the Duke's stay in DC so profitable.

It does make one wonder if my Congressman is still one of Tom's big supporters, and Tim points out that he sure is.

He is one of the most effective and dedicated public servants I have ever had the opportunity to work with and I am honored to be his friend.

Joe Wilson's election to congress is proof that calling yourself Republican is the only standard the people in my district have. Joe has asked Tom DeLay, one of the most corrupt ellected official to ever disgrace DC, to attend his fund raisers. Wilson has accepted funds from him, contributed funds to him, and apparently approves of what for what Tom DeLay stands for.

Corruption at a scale not seen in DC since the Grant administration.


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