Friday, January 27, 2006

The Cover-up Starts

Now this could be about his Domestic Spying program, or his failed mine safety policies, but this time it is the hurricane Katarine response that Bush is refusing to cooperate in investigating.

Bush has declined to turn over documents that a Republican led senate committee wants.

Just like his failure in the Fall of 2001, it is clear that his administration was advised of the risk, and failed to respond. After the event, it is also clear that the response was inept and deeply flawed.

None of this information should contain state secrets or information about national security. There is no reason, other than to hide administration failures, to refuse to distribute the requested files, but still this cover-up was to be expected.

This white house is very good at hiding material that will display their true nature. It could be spying in the US, failure at security and safety, or cutting deals and accepting hundreds of thousands from crooks, the facts will be hidden at all cost.


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