Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Good News In The Stem Cell Race

At least from a nationalist economic advantage point of view. The Korean scientist who claimed to have cloned humand for stem cell , Woo Suk Hwang, faked his work.

PROSECUTORS prepared to launch a criminal investigation into South Korea's disgraced king of cloning Woo Suk Hwang yesterday as an inquiry concluded he had faked almost all his groundbreaking data.

The veterinary scientist had achieved international scientific acclaim, nationwide celebrity status and millions of dollars in support from the South Korean Government when he claimed to have cloned human embryos and extracted embryonic stem (ES) cells from them.

Now, if we remove the absurd research restrictions we have in place, we again have a chance to take a position of world leadership in this field.


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Starling David Hunter said...

I linked this post to one on my blog, The Business of America is Business. The post is entitled "Hwang Woo-suk Is Sorry, But Not Really Sorry".