Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bush returns A Second Pioneer's Donations

Of course, that is not the hundreds of thousands he claims to have raised for bush, just the amount he was limited to by law.

In this case it is Jack Abramoff's donations. Now Jack raised over $100,000.00 for bush, but he is going to get rid of just the $6,000.00 that the law limited Jack to donating, the other tens to hundred of thousands that Jack arranged to be delivered into the Bush account, they are keeping, for now.

The other case I know of was Tom Noe, Ohio's favorite rare coin dealer.

COLUMBUS President Bush will return $4,000 in campaign contributions donated by Toledo area coin dealer Tom Noe and his wife, officials said yesterday.

A spokesman said the Republican National Committee will also return $2,000 contributed by Mr. Noe, who is facing multiple investigations for allegedly misappropriating at least $10 million in state money and possible federal campaign finance violations. The money will be refunded to charity.

But President Bush will not "at least for now " return more than $100,000 raised by Mr. Noe for his re-election bid last year

What charming people these Bush pioneers are.


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Anonymous said...

And Bush isn't the only one feeling the need to return being trumped by the need to keep the cash. Ariz. Republican house member J.D. Hayworth's PAC got $115,500. Hayworth has returned $13,880 of it. Gee, that makes him even more generous than the head of his party.