Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Wisdom Of Dick Cheney

Creating A Police State with the use of illegal spying on US citizens might have prevented the September 11th attacks.

What a creative way to spin their criminal activity. It is amazing how concerned with information these people have become. In the past, information was ignored, now they want to destroy the civil protections to get more.

Looking back, I would have thought that, after hearing that Bin Laden was determined to strike in the US, your administration would have inspired into some form of action. You and Bush did nothing, other than to continue to play with the weeds on the farm.

Interesting how some react; When given information that an attack was his goal, you did nothing. Now you have broken the law to get more information, trying to justify this by promising safety. All this leaves one to ask, is this mad dash for data simply so you can do nothing again?



tim said...

But haven't the Bushies been maintaining all along that the Fuhrer has the legal authority to carry out this program? Haven't the GOG apologists been out yelling, "Clinton by God did it, plus he got a blow job from that woman!"

So, if the GOG position is that the Fuhrer didn't break the law with this action, what prevented him from doing it and thus thwarting the September 11?

Which is it, Dickie-boy? Sheer incompetence or breaking the law?

Bob P said...

It also infuriates me that the VP's statement is being blithely repeated by the MSM with no editorial comment on how irresponsible, unverifiable, and emotionally manipulative it is.

To make this completely unprovable claim in an effort to convince the gullible public of the merits of an illegal spying program is reckless and reprehensible.

Sadly, Bush apologists will be repeating Cheney's prognostication as a mantra in the days and weeks to come. I can almost hear it at water coolers throughout the nation already.


JollyRoger said...

Oh, he intends to do something. He intends to grab for all the power he can.

Crooked Lip is perhaps the most evil man to ever attain the position he holds.

bob said...

interesting how dems were advised about these sins but never did anything about till know. sorta like their belief in wmds before the war started but know say bush lied...

Anonymous said...

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