Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Roundup Of Republican Corruption

With the Abramoff plea, we have another Republican scandal to watch, but lets not forget some of the others that have nothing to do with Jack.

In the Senate, we have Bill Frist (R-Tn), who has to explain some very interesting stock sales to the SEC.

In the House, Tom DeLay (R-Tx) is facing trial, Duke Cunningham (R-Ca) is facing jail

In the White House Scooter is facing a trail, and the investigation goes on.

On the state level, Republicans in New Hampshire, Ohio, Kentucky, Connecticut and a few other states are facing investigations or trials (unless they have gotten pardoned by the Republican Governor they worked for).

I know I have missed a number of others, please feel free to add your favorite ongoing investigation in the comments section.


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hfiend said...

I believe that Duke and DeLay may have connections to the Abramoff/Republican culture of corruption.

In DeLay's case -> Tony Rudy

As for Duke it is only in my head and I may be crossing wires ... So much corruption.
Hotline has a list
or reciepients.