Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bank Robbery Now Legal?

That could be extrapolated from looking at some of the reactions to Woodward's admission that the Bush administration also outted a US spy to him. The argument sees to be since Libby wasn't the first to expose a US spy, his actions are not criminal.

By extending this interesting logic, it is now legal to rob a bank, as long as you are not the first to rob that bank.

Now a new line of false talking points have come up, and the republican lie machine is busy repeating Libby's lawyers lie. All of this an effort to try to spin this story to defend Libby's indefensible action.
Libby's lawyers have asked whether Fitzgerald will correct his statement that Libby was the first administration official to leak information about Plame to a reporter.

The only trouble is:

there is no reason for the prosecutor to correct the record, because he specifically said at his news conference Oct. 28 that Libby was the "first official known"

And that is why he investigation continues after the Libby indictment. There is more to know, and it appears there is now another White House CIA assassin to hunt down.



KCinDC said...

It's even stupider than that, because Libby wasn't charged with leaking the name. He was charged with making false statements, perjury, and obstruction of justice, and the news about Woodward has nothing at all to do with any of that. So it's more like bank robbery is now legal because Libby wasn't the first one to leak the name -- there's no connection between the defense and the charge.

Nevertheless, the Washington Post faithfully sends out the Republican chaff.

John said...

Good Point