Monday, November 14, 2005

What A Beautiful Morning

The last couple of weeks have given us a number of wonderful mornings, and today was again stunning. It is the kind of morning where you can see yourself sitting on the back deck, sipping your morning coffee (tea in my case), a paper near by for casual reading as the morning slowly unfolds before you.

unfortunately for me, my mornings don't slowly unfold, they explode.

There is the 80 minute long frantic ballet of movement. The first act ending when we get the little man loaded in the van for Pre-K, with a transformer in one hand, and a weekend art project in the other. The second ends when the daughter is loaded in my car for delivery to the high school, after making sure the ID and the Physics Textbook are both in the book bag this time.

But, as I am walking out the door, making sure it is locked, checking that I rememberd my work (and my lunch) I stop, and I notice, what a beautiful morning, and think, wouldn't it be nice to sit on the back deck, read the paper, and just watch the morning slowly unfold.



Diane said...

Enjoy your kids.
There will be other beautiful mornings, but kids grow up soo fast.
My other advise is try and do both, catch as much morning as you can, life's too short!

patrick said...

You are right it was sweet this am

eric said...

i never get up early enough to enjoy mornings. my k-5'er goes to school with his mom (first grade teacher), so i never have to get up.

i regret it, but do nothing about it.